• Citrus, Easy Peelers, Tree Fruit and Pomegranates
  • High pressure washer systems
  • Wax applications for global distribution
  • Fungicide for decay control

Consumer Packaging

  • Giro baggers capable of bagging 1lb up to 8lb bags
  • Various bag styles including Ultrabag
  • Pouch bags and clamshells for various commodities
  • Retail knowledgeable
  • Packing for most major retailers
  • Retail specific label requirements

Cold Storage

  • Computer monitoring and control for temperature and humidity
  • Temperature control for repacking
  • Ozone for decay control and longer shelf life
  • Local pick-up and delivery available


  • Trucks daily from the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles
  • Repacking, re-grading, bagging and shipping